5 Simple Things That Will Extend the Life of Your Home's Gutters

January 23, 2023
5 Simple Things That Will Extend the Life of Your Home's Gutters

Water drainage and gutter systems work together to divert water away from a home, thereby preventing water damage to the foundation. When It comes to a complete rain gutter installation, the cost can be pretty significant. So it's in a homeowner's best interests to extend the life of those new gutters for as long as possible.


We are happy to say that modern gutter systems are designed to last a long time. Still, this is no reason to neglect them. There are some quite simple things you can do to extend gutter life regardless of how long you actually live in your home.


1. Don't Allow Debris to Accumulate


One of the biggest enemies of any gutter system is debris. We are talking things like wet leaves,twigs and small branches, wayward bird nests, and even litter that can settle in gutters during a windstorm. It is all bad because it encourages standing water and puts unnecessary stress on gutters, straps, and facia.


This suggests that one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your gutters is to prevent debris accumulation. And the best way to do that is to install rain gutter coverings. We sell a product known as Green Gutter Screens. It is the perfect solution for preventing debris accumulation.


2. Sweep the Roof When Necessary


Although large amounts of heavy debris accumulating on roofs is not a problem in the East Bay area, itis a problem in other parts of California. So when necessary, it's a good ideato sweep the roof to prevent all that heavy debris from running down and over the gutters during a substantial rain. If your home is not subject to a lot of heavy debris where you live, you can ignore this particular tip.


3. Inspect the Gutters Annually


It is a good idea to do a visual inspection of your gutters annually. Walk around the entire house looking for cracks, loose seams, holes, missing fasteners, and any other problems. Address whatever problems you find.


Gutters are like anything else in your home. Addressing minor problems early on prevents them from becoming major problems later. And the fewer major problems you have, the longer your gutters will last.


4. Inspect the Downspouts, Too


For some reason, many people fail to check their downspouts on a regular basis. Downspouts carry water from the gutters to the ground, diverting it away from the house. Just by their very nature, downspouts take a battering during heavy rains. They are subject to wind and other influences capable of dislodging them.


One of the more common problems with downspouts is loosening. Fasteners come loose and downspouts are no longer tightly joined to the gutters. Sometimes they even pull away from the house. Fortunately, these types of problems are easy to fix.


5. Tighten Things Up


During your inspection of both gutters and downspouts, look for loose fasteners. Whether it is the nails that hold gutters to facia, the fasteners that connect multiple downspout sections, or even clips that hold downspouts in place, make a point of tightening up any loose fasteners as soon as you see them.


If your gutter installation relies on screws to keep gutter and downspout seams together, look for missing screws. Replace any that you find. Do not ignore missing screws or you could discover that the integrity of the seam in question only degrades further.


Extending the life of your home's gutters for as long as possible is really just a matter of routine maintenance. As gutter installation specialists, we highly recommend it.

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