How Broken or Clogged Gutters Are Endangering You and Your Home

February 6, 2023
How Broken or Clogged Gutters Are Endangering You and Your Home

Broken gutters are more than just an aesthetic problem. Likewise, clogged gutters represent more than just a maintenance hassle. Both Broken and clogged gutters can actually endanger you and your home. Neither condition should be ignored. If you are experiencing any kind of problem with your gutters, get it taken care of right away.


Gutters provide a critical function the protects your home from long term damage caused by precipitation. Your gutter system's main role is to divert water away from your home. Any breaks in the system result in the gutters not working as they should. Likewise, clogs can prevent gutters from doing what they are designed to do.


Erosion-Weakened Foundations


When gutters are broken or clogged, rainwater may never make it to the downspout. Instead, it spills over and falls to the ground. Where does that water land? At the base of your home. The result could be erosion that eventually weakens your home's foundation.


An erosion-weakened foundation is serious business. To be clear, preventing such damage is the entire reason for having a gutter system. It doesn't make sense to have gutters and downspouts in place if they are not working properly. You are only risking your home's foundation.


Pooling water around your home is a sure sign that gutters are not functioning properly. When water pools on the surface, this also means the soil underneath is saturated. Water could be seeping into your foundation. It could eventually cause cracks that allow even more water in. Ignoring the damage could ultimately lead to complete failure.


Mold and Mildew Growth


Next up, improperly functioning gutters and downspouts can lead to gutter overflow and water running down the side of the house whenever it rains. Depending on where you live, this is an open invitation to mold and mildew growth.


Mold and mildew are never good for your health. Failing to address exterior mold and mildew could allow either one to make its way into your home where it could become a health hazard. Above and beyond health concerns, mold and mildew are no good for your home either. Both promote wood rot around windows, doors, etc.


Pest Problems


Broken or clogged gutters can lead to a variety of pest problems as a result of standing water.For example, a clogged gutter can create standing water that attracts mosquitoes and other airborne pests. Water pooling on the ground can attract mosquitos,rodents, wasps, etc.


We designate pests as such because that is exactly what they are. Some types of pests can damage the home. Others can put human health at risk. Still others do both. Why encourage hem to hang around your home by not addressing broken or clogged gutters?


Slip-and-Fall Accidents


Topping things off are slip-and-fall accidents caused by improperly functioning gutters. For example,overflowing gutters can make a walkway or driveway slippery during a rainstorm. All it takes is a little bit of standing water to cause someone to lose their footing.


Likewise, ice that forms as a result of dripping gutters makes for dangerous conditions. It is nota big problem here in our little corner of the world, but snow and ice are problems in other parts of California.


Don't let yourself befooled into believing that broken or clogged gutters are little more than anaesthetic issue. They aren't. Gutter malfunctions can lead to costly property damage. They can also create safety issues that actually endanger your health.If your gutters are not working as they should, get them taken care of right away.

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