How to Know It’s Time to Replace Old Gutters

February 13, 2023
How to Know It’s Time to Replace Old Gutters

Unless your home was a brand-new build when you bought it,you are living in a structure with gutters that outdate your ownership. Your Gutters could be quite old. Are they still doing a good job? Do you wonder whether they need to be replaced?


A high-quality gutter system that has been properly installed should last for decades. Poor quality systems and/or improper installation certainly reduce the life of any gutter system. The good news is that you do not have to guess. There are telltale signs suggesting it is time for gutter replacement. Below are five of them.


1. Visible Cracks


A modern gutter system isn't highly susceptible to cracks. Still, it is not uncommon for older gutters to show numerous cracks along their entire length. Let's face it, even with proper rain gutter installation, materials break down over time. It is an unavoidable part of life. contributor Michael Franco once wrote that "cracked gutters area bout as pointless as a bucket with a hole on the bottom." That about says it all. Cracked gutters are not doing you any good. They aren't diverting water away from your home.


2. Stressed Out Seams


The weakest point in any length of gutter is the seam – that point where two lengths of gutter meet.Seems are held together by straps and supported by spikes that attach them tothe facia. But no amount of design and support can change the fact that a seam is a weak point.


Stressed out seams cause gutters to sag. As a result, sagging gutters do not collect and divertrain properly. Minor seam stress can be dealt with accordingly. But if your gutters are suffering from extreme stress, a new gutter installation is likely the best option.


3. Foundation Trenches


If you've noticed a trench along the entire length of your home's foundation, the chances are pretty high that your gutters aren't actually doing anything. That trench could be there because water runs over the top of the gutters or between gutter and fascia, falling to the ground and causing erosion. Not good.


A foundation trench along the entire length of your home is a pretty clear sign that your gutters aren't working. Maybe it's time to replace the entire system. If not, the gutters should at least be restored to good working order.


4. Noticeable Wood Rot


Gutters are attached to your house via the facia. If you've noticed a lot of wood rot along the fascia, you have a significant problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. Dealing with the facia will likely mean looking at the roof as well.You will definitely have to remove the gutters to do the work. A new gutter installation could be better for your home than putting the old gutters backup.


5. Water-Damaged Siding


Water-damaged siding is another sure sign that the gutters are not doing their job. A good example of water-damaged siding is a wood siding with significant paint peeling along the length of the house. Peeling paint could be caused by any number of things,but excess water is a common culprit.


Peeling or bubbling paint could be the result of overflowing gutters. Seeing it on your home is motivation to check that your gutters are in good working condition. If they aren't, repair or replacement is a no-brainer.


Are you having trouble with your gutters? Is your home located in the East Bay area? If so, contact Global Gutter right away. Let's talk about how we can get your home's gutter system back into good shape.

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