Rain Gutters May Be Optional, But...

September 1, 2022
Rain Gutters May Be Optional, But...

Did you know that rain gutters might not be required where you live? It's true. Some municipal building codes do not require gutter installation. But that doesn't mean passing on the gutters is a good idea. In many cases, it's a bad idea.

As a company that specializes in rain gutter installation, we have seen our fair share of proper-ties that suffered unnecessary water damage simply because gutters were not included in the original construction. A home gutter system plays a key role in managing water, thereby mitigating problems that would otherwise arise.

Gutters Help Control Erosion

The whole point of a gutter system is to channel water away from the foundation of a house by way of a downspout. System design allows you to send the water wherever you want it to go. This is perfect for preventing erosion.

The land on which your house sits has probably been graded to allow rainwater to flow away from the home. In essence, your house sits on top of a small hill. Without gutters in place, rain-water would run off your roof, fall to the ground below, and collect there.

Repeated storms would gradually erode the soil and leave a trench all the way around. As a result, water from future storms would have a harder time flowing away from the house.

Gutters Help Prevent Foundation Damage

Imagine what would happen if erosion created a trench around your house. Every time it rained water would collect in that trench. It would eventually seep through the soil. The result could be potential damage to your home's foundation. At the very least, you could experience seepage.

Whether your home sits on a pad or top of a concrete block foundation, it is best to avoid water collecting around the foundation. Concrete is rather porous and can absorb quite a bit of water. Over time, the combination of water and temperature changes can cause fractures in the concrete.

It should be obvious that this sort of scenario puts the integrity of the foundation at risk. Fixing a cracked foundation is not cheap. If the damage is severe enough, a complete and total re-placement may not be out of the question.

A Lot for a Little

People sometimes underestimate the destructive power water possesses. Truth be told, you don't need a raging river to cause significant erosion or put a concrete foundation at risk. Just a couple of seasons of normal storm activity could do the trick.

The thing about rain gutter installation is that you get a lot of protection for little money. While it may seem like you are paying a lot for a new gutter system, compare that amount to what you could spend having your property re-graded or your foundation repaired. There is no comparison.

Making Your Money Go Further

We get the fact that paying for a new gutter system can do a number on your budget. There are ways to make your money go further so that you don't have to repair or replace your gutters very often.

It starts with routine maintenance. Clean your gutters at least annually. If you notice a screw loose, take care of it right away. If a seam loosens up, tighten it with screws or caulk it. Think about gutter coverings designed to keep debris out.

Indeed, municipalities do not always require gutter systems on residential homes. Still, having gutters installed is a wise idea. They represent an easy and relatively affordable way to protect your property from water damage caused by rain. If you would like to know more, contact us today.

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